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Why this membership website

Brown Leaf came into being in February 2016. Around same time, I created this website, Now after two and half years, why am I exploring this option of membership website? First, what exactly is membership website? It is like subscribing to a magazine. One pays annual subscription and receives regular issue. Issue could be […]

How to use dry leaves? DONATE

For dry leaves, mulching and composting are two best strategies. For details please visit.. Here is a brief about both… Mulching is mimicking what happens in nature. Whatever falls on the floor remains there.. Shed leaves form a carpet, layer over the soil. This layer remains as it is throughout the summer. When rains arrive, […]

How to use dry leaves? COMPOST

In nature, processes are cyclic. Means there is no end to it. Output of one systems serves as input to some other system. While we, humans used natural, biodegradable products, there was not concept of waste. We used plates made of leaves. We used clothes made of natural fabric. Newspaper, leaves served as packaging material. […]

How to use dry leaves? MULCH

Mulching is the process by which we mimic what happens in the natural landscape. What happens in the natural landscape? Let’s see.. Have you been to any forest area? Wooded area with no or minimal human interference? How does the forest floor look? If we do not sweep and collects leaves shed by the tree […]

Why we should not burn dry leaves

November arrives, and we see dry leaves falling from the trees. They are just everywhere. Streets, footpaths, gardens, society premises, backyards. Our city literally gets drowned in dry leaves. We simply don’t know what to do with all these dry leaves. What do we do? There is fire, there is acrid smoke all around us. […]

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