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Let us create plan for you

If at this stage you are not confident of creating your own plan, don’t worry. We will help you. Just fill in this form below. Let us know some details of your area. And we will create a plan for you. Give us a week to get back to you.

What Happens in Nature

What happens in nature Have you been to any forest area? Area where there is no human interference? Whatever leaves fall on the ground, remain there because there is nobody sweeping off those leaves. Forest floor looks something like this, isn’t it? For a landscape where humans do not reside, leaf fall is never a […]

Create your own plan guidelines

Vision: “Not a Single Dry Leaf is Burnt in India” Problem: Around November to March is the time when deciduous trees shed leaves. A large quantity of leaf litter is generated. It is often burnt since that seems the most convenient option. Burning of dry leaves is banned in many countries. It leads to air […]

Case-studies of dry leaf utilization

CASE STUDY 1 Millennium School in Pune, Maharashtra has developed a vegetable garden for its students using canteen waste and dry leaves. They cultivate all kinds of vegetables, fruits in this garden. An organisation nearby has a lot of leaf litter. I suggested them the model of partial compost and donation. Surplus leaf litter was […]

Create your own plan

Do you want to manage dry leaves within your premises? Use this template to create a plan for yourself. Don’t worry, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Use these pointers below, check what is applicable to you and create the plan. For composting method, use our comparison chart. If you need any help, […]

Composting Some Guidelines

In a moment, we will discuss 3 methods of composting and in the subsequent section, I will help you choose the right method for you. Here are a few guidelines that are common, no matter which method you choose. In the article about composting, we discussed ATM of composting, Aeration, Temperature and Moisture. Temperature is […]

Soil-less gardens

Introduction Okkay, you are convinced that mulching and composting are good options. You started composting, and now what? Composting itself is not very significant unless it is followed by gardening, isn’t it? In this section, we will discuss where that compost is used. Shall we start? Gardens without soil, Why and How We hear this […]

How you can go about it

Copy and replicate Such dry leaf exchange forum can be setup in other cities as well. You can start it in your own city. How? Here it is On individual level Leaf-donors are all around us. Do you know anybody in your society/ lane who does terrace gardening? Approach them. They will always have requirement […]

What we did in Pune city

The challenge Come winter, and our streets, footpaths, building premises, rooftops, any horizontal surface in the sight is covered with dry leaves. From time to time, we sense acrid smoke coming from neighbor’s backyard, from the side of the street, where leaves are being burnt. My Experience I have a huge monkey biscuit tree in […]

Pile Composting

This is the most convenient method and it costs almost zero. As we discussed in the section “compost”, soil contains a variety of microbes. In the pile, there is constant contact with the soil. Hence this method does not require much inputs from us. Soil takes care of most of the things. What you need […]