Let's connect "people who have dry leaves" and "people who want dry leaves"

Brown Leaf is the forum for eco-friendly management of dry leaves. Brown Leaf connects “people who have dry leaves” with “people who want dry leaves”.

Last year, in Pune city, more than 5000 gunny bags of dry leaves were exchanged through this forum. 

We decided to extend this facility to all cities/ towns in India. 

If you have large trees and dry leaves, please select option “I have dry leaves”. When you click on the “I have dry leaves” box, a form will open where you need to fill-in details. After you click submit, a message will appear informing you that your data is stored. 

If you have garden, you want dry leaves for mulching and composting, please select the option “I want dry leaves”.  When you click on “I want dry leaves”, a form will open where you need to enter name of the city and details of leaf-donors in your city will be displayed. 

Donors will collect dry leaves in gunny bags and takers will arrange for pickup. Please take care that dry leaves do not contain plastic/ any other waste.
Let’s work together so that “Not a single dry leaf would be burnt in India”. For details, www.brownleaf.org

NOTE: Takers for whom leaf-donor’s area is convenient, will contact them. Leaf-donor getting response from the leaf-taker will depend on requirement in the area. 

This is completely free service provided by Brown Leaf. Neither donors nor takers need to pay anything. All we exchange is leaves, nothing else 🙂