Dry leaves management seems challenging. Volume of leaves is just too much, right?

In a leaf fall season, almost every horizontal surface in sight gets covered with layer of dry leaves.

We understand your challenge. We have been there. And that is why we designed this course to make it easy for you.

This is an online course. You can go through the material at your own pace. 

Though topic is vast, not to be worried. We have divided the entire topic into easy-to-follow modules. 

As you go on reading the module, we are sure, your worry will turn into enthusiasm. You will realise, though dry leaves may seem like a problem, still it is quite easily manageable problem. Yes, believe us 🙂 

With small actions, you can turn dry leaves into a very good resource. 

And do you know? In the coming years, we all would need to manage our wet waste. Municipalities all over the country are not able to manage the growing magnitude of the problem. 

So, either we do it voluntarily now, or in 2-3 years down the line, it anyway will be made compulsory for all to manage their kitchen waste and dry leaves. 

Let us take you through the course modules. 

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In Module 1 you will learn-

Why exactly trees shed leaves? You will understand this phenomenon is not new. It has been going on for ages.

Then why suddenly it has become a challenge for us? Exactly what changed? 

What is the challenge in the cities. How we can design our systems like that in nature, to solve this challenge. 

For more curious souls, we have one bonus resource. Ever wondered why leaves shed by the tree are not green? :-). You are about to find the answer in this module.


You already know the problem. 

In Module -1, you understood why the problem exists. 

Now it is time to discuss solutions. Module 2 discusses 3 solutions to this problem. 

In next 3 modules, we will dive into details of each. 

We will discuss what the solution is, and then how you can implement it. 

Don’t worry, we will make it real easy for you. 


Here we discuss about the first solution i.e. Mulching. 

In previous module, you learnt what mulching is. Now it is time to know how you can implement it. 

We cover all possible scenarios. We explain each scenario in detail. We also guide you through solution for each. 

With the help of pictures and video, we will explain how you can go about it. 

At the end of this module, we promise, you will be all equipped to implement mulching in your premises. 

A major quantity of dry leaves from your premises will be used in mulching. That means, a major chunk of your worry will be reduced 🙂 


Now it is time for “composting”, the second solution. 

Since inception of Brown Leaf, we had many many interactions with people. We realised people are very scared of composting. 

So we decided to “decode” composting and make it very very easy for you to implement. 

If we understand the basics, this process is really easy and actually enjoyable. 

Yes, trust us on this. When you see your plants blossoming on the compost made by you, it would be really worth the efforts. 

Additionally, we provide you details of composting methods. We also teach you, step by step, how you can build your own composter. There are total 3 composters we teach you how to build. 

We know how confusing it is to select the right method. Don’t worry, we have you covered here. We have provided a comparison chart for these 3 methods, making it really easy for you to choose. 

Imagine this, once done, you will have almost free resource for your garden. And what is the best thing, it would be made from dry leaves, that you felt were waste. 

All the worry, anxiety you might face will vanish as soon as you get your first batch of compost. Then, things just pick up from there. 

You will develop a nice rhythm, where dry leaves go back in the soil, and you get nice veggies, flowers, fruits from that soil. 

In the subsequent modules, we have some blogs for you, where we will visit some such gardens, that are flourishing on dry leaves. 

And guess what, we also have a blog by expert Reema Gopalan. If you don’t know anything about gardening and would like to give it a try, then that is the best place to start. Reema will guide you, how you can start gardening, which plants you can start with etc. 


Here we are at the 3rd solution, in our 3-fold strategy of managing dry leaves. 

In MODULE – 2, we touched briefly on this solution. 

It is slightly different, or let us say, non-traditional solution. We take pride that it is unique to Brown Leaf. 

Brown Leaf came into being with this option of “leaf donation”. Would you like to read that story? Here it is, BROWN LEAF STORY

In this module, we delve into the option, provide you ways to achieve it. 

This module has some very interesting info-graphics to make learning fun for you 🙂


This is where the actual action starts.

Now, you are all equipped to manage the challenge head-on. You have all the knowledge, all the solutions. 

Now, here we plan your project. 

Again, to make it easy, we provide you 2 options. 

If you feel confident, you can create your own plan using our pointers. 

If not, don’t worry. We will help you create your own. 

Why plan? You will get familiar with your premises, it will help you look at the areas with solution in mind. 

You can share this plan with your house-keeping team so that all of you are on same page, there are no more confusions. 

Overall, it will make your life easy. 


Let us assure you again, we understand this challenge of managing dry leaves.

If you are doing it in a society, in an organisation premises, then challenges are more. 

And that is why, we have this module specially designed to motivate you. 

There are many case studies of people who have done it successfully. Read their story, understand how they found solutions. 

We call this module a magician’s hat, taking out an inspiration at each go.


With this module, we come to the end of the course. 

Here are some posters for you. 

We have 3 posters of composting methods that we discussed in Module – 4. These posters will act as ready-reference for you.

They are especially useful if you wish to take approval for the project. Simply present these posters, with details of each method, their comparisons. 

Then, there is a simple check-list for on-going composting project. Take its print, display near your composting project, as a ready reference for you or anyone looking after the project.

And last but not the least, there is a poster you display on your society gate, announce to the world, PROUDLY that you do not burn dry leaves, but you utilize them in eco-friendly manner. Yaay!!!! 

Access this link to buy the course,  BUY THE COURSE

One-time fee is Rs. 1000/-

We accept credit card/ Debit card/ Net banking.

If you have any query, feel free to write to us at

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