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Brown Leaf Video Series #2

Brown Leaf Video 2: Why exactly trees shed leaves? Trees lose water through the pores on the leaves called Stomata ...
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Why Dry Leaves is a huge challenge

We know dry leaves is a huge challenge. But why exactly trees shed leaves? What must be the reason? Let's ...
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What Happens in Nature

What happens in nature Have you been to any forest area? Area where there is no human interference? Whatever leaves ...
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Green tree and dry leaves

Brown Leaf Video Series #1

Leaf fall starts around mid-October and continues till June. In no time, dry leaves are everywhere. Every horizontal surface in ...
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What is exactly Brown Leaf Receive & Donate

There is no waste in nature. Neither there are infinite resources in nature. Then, how the natural processes have continued ...
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Reema Gopalan gardening workshop Brown leaf Blog

Let’s talk Gardening!

Municipal waste is the challenge across all cities in India, if not the world. Why there is no concept of ...
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mulching in plant beds

How to Manage dry leaves: Mulch

Leaf fall season starts around mid-October and continues till June. These 6 months of the year are challenging. Dry leaves ...
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Story: How Brown Leaf started

Brown Leaf came into being in Pune city in February 2016 as the forum for eco-friendly management of dry leaves ...
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Is it laziness? Oh, no it is benign neglect!!

You have a tree in your backyard. It provides soothing shade in summer, hosts various birds. You see squirrels running ...
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How to create terrace garden without soil, Part 5

Amod Rahalkar, Pune It is Sadashiv peth, part of old city of Pune. Peth means sector. It was created in ...
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How to use dry leaves? DONATE

For dry leaves, mulching and composting are two best strategies. For details please visit.. Here is a brief about both… ...
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How to use dry leaves? COMPOST

In nature, processes are cyclic. Means there is no end to it. Output of one systems serves as input to ...
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How to use dry leaves? MULCH

Mulching is the process by which we mimic what happens in the natural landscape. What happens in the natural landscape? ...
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Why we should not burn dry leaves

November arrives, and we see dry leaves falling from the trees. They are just everywhere. Streets, footpaths, gardens, society premises, ...
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Why leaves shed by tree are not green?

Around November, leaf fall starts. There are piles of leaves everywhere, on the roadside, on the roofs, in the society ...
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Why exactly do leaves fall

Rains are over. There is a slight chill in the atmosphere. Winter is just around the corner. Soon, sweaters, scarves, ...
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