Brown Leaf Video Series #1
Challenge of dry leaves in city in leaf fall season

Brown Leaf Video Series #1

Leaf fall starts around mid-October and continues till June.

In no time, dry leaves are everywhere. Every horizontal surface in sight is covered with a layer of dry leaves.

Burning seems the easiest way to get rid of dry leaves. In this video series, we will learn, why leaf fall occurs, why it is a problem for us in the city, why burning is not advisable and most importantly, how we can manage dry leaves in eco-friendly manner.

Welcome to the first video in the series.

We understand dry leaves is a huge challenge. 

At Brown Leaf, we have devised a 3-fold strategy, Mulch – Compost – Donate for eco-friendly management of dry leaves.

What are these options and how one can go about it? We will cover it in next videos.

To access the entire series in one go, here is the link, How to Manage dry leaves video series

Here is a brief guide for you. Download it. You can implement these yourself with help of this guide. 

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