Why Dry Leaves is a huge challenge

Why Dry Leaves is a huge challenge

We know dry leaves is a huge challenge.
But why exactly trees shed leaves? What must be the reason?
Let’s discuss why leaf-fall occurs.
Trees that shed leaves for some part of the year, are called “deciduous trees”.
Trees lose water through the leaves through the process known as transpiration.
In summer, they need to conserve as much water as possible. Hence, by shedding leaves, they prevent water loss.
The fallen leaves form a layer over the soil. Sun-rays do not reach the soil directly. Hence, soil can retain moisture in summer months.
Also, various insects find shelter under these leaves. These leaves protect them from the scorching summer heat.

Eggs laid by an insect on the seed of Holoptelia integrifolia tree, fallen in the dry leaves

When rains come, leaves decompose and nutrients from them are returned to the soil.
That is the circular system of nature. Output of one system goes as input to some other system. Hence there is no waste. Dry leaves are never a problem in natural landscape.

Why it is a problem for us?

In our cities and towns there is no space (literally :-)) for this natural process to take place.

Most of the surfaces are covered with roads, building, tiles, paver blocks, right?

And even if space is available, we are not comfortable with large heap of dry leaves, isn’t it?
So, for us, dry leaves is waste. Something we should get rid of.
How can we solve this problem?
Yes, simple!! Create the circular process that exists in nature 🙂
Don’t worry, I will show you how. We will investigate it step-by-step in future blogs.

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