Let’s talk Gardening!
Reema Gopalan gardening workshop Brown leaf Blog

Let’s talk Gardening!

Municipal waste is the challenge across all cities in India, if not the world. Why there is no concept of waste in nature? Because in nature, processes are cyclic. Output of one system serves as input to some other. 

Problem occurred when we adopted the linear system, create – use – throw away. To solve the problem of waste, we need to bring back that cyclicity. 

And in case of dry leaves, what is that? Yes, mulching and composting. 

Gardening is the logical progression for composting. Come on, what’s the point in putting in efforts in composting if there are no fruits (literally :-)) of labor. 

Main hurdle to gardening in the city is not lack of space or time. It is our apprehension. Right!! 

In this Guest Blog, Reema Gopalan simplifies gardening for us. Read on and see the mystery unfold. 

Reema Gopalan gardening workshop Brown leaf Blog

With #lockdown raising some serious questions about our life & lifestyle – Gardening no more looks like a hobby! It’s the need of the day and a way of life. With monsoons just round the corner, what better time to start Gardening, than now. So let’s talk Gardening!

“Why should we garden?” – You ask! A very valid question. We all know how good it is for the environment. But today let’s talk about YOU. How will gardening benefit YOU?

With our work culture slowly relying more on work from home – your home office needs to be something more than just furniture and 4 walls. You need something to replace the happiness and fun you had during commuting, meeting & interacting with colleagues, lest the monotony will get the better of you. So what do you do – Simple; bring home a few plants and see the impact it has on your routine, productivity, mental & emotional state. Don’t believe. “Just try” is all I am saying!

If you have been following Aditi’s work, you know, she has always emphasized on using dry leaves in compost & mulching. What better way to use compost & mulch than in your own Garden. A perfect circular economy.

Hope I was able to convince you to start Gardening! Now let’s talk about your apprehensions. You want to start a Garden but you’re not sure! Let’s address some of the hesitations!

  • Time: You’re not sure how much time you can dedicate. Don’t worry. There are many low-maintenance plants available that require just 1-2 mins a day (that too for watering).
  • Space: You don’t have a balcony or terrace. Or there is no direct sunlight. You can opt for Indoor plants and place them near the Windows.
  • Not sure about Gardening in the long run: This is a common assumption that plants live forever. No. Not all plants are perennial. Many are annuals. That means they have a life span of a year or less than a year. Opt for those plants. If you think you may be relocating or moving out or may not have enough time for Gardening next year – opt for annuals.
  • Budget: This is again one of the biggest mistakes people make. They spend huge amount at one go on plants. Don’t do that. Buy plants from local nurseries. When you order plant online, it becomes a really expensive affair. Just buy 2-3 plants at a time. They are really very inexpensive. You can start your Garden with less than Rs.300/-

Start Small, Go Big: I cannot emphasize the importance of starting small. It’s crucial that you start small. I always say it in my Gardening Workshops, start with just two plants, maximum three. No more than three. Once you have been looking after your plants every day, now add 2-3 plants to your Garden every month. Slowly build a Garden. Enjoy the process.

Keep it gradual and casual.

Here are my top picks for you. Very very easy to maintain!

  1. In small flowering Plants – Pentas & Lantana
  2. In Indoor Plants – Spider plant & Money Plant
  3. For Outdoor Space where you don’t get enough Sunlight – Areca Palm & Crotons
  4. For Outdoor Space with good Sunlight – Rose & Tagar (pinwheel Jasmine).
  5. Edible plants that you can buy, grow & harvest – Curry Leaves & Mint.

Happy Mulching!! Happy Composting!! Happy Gardening!!

Reema Gopalan Brown leaf Blog

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