Testimonial by Kirti Bhave: Why Mulching

In this Guest post, Brown Leaf member Kirti Bhave shares how mulching salvaged her terrace garden

Kirti stays in Pune city. She has created a beautiful terrace garden on her parent’s terrace. She cultivates a variety of vegetables and fruits. 

Always fond of composting, she makes her own compost using dry leaves and kitchen waste. 

She has installed drip irrigation system herself on the terrace 2 years back. It is equipped with a timer. 

When Kirti was away on a family vacation, she was thus least worried about the garden. The timer would automatically trigger water and garden will be regularly watered even in her absence. She mulched some of the garden to save it from scorching summer heat. 

Can you imagine her horror when she returned after 6 days to find the maid had accidentally turned off the switch of the drip irrigation system? 

No water to plants for 6 days, that too in the month of May and on the terrace, which is exposed to sun almost the entire day. Imagine that!!

Kirti shares, “My garden was completely parched dry and most of the plants seemed dead. I had lost hope of any revival. I  turned to Brown Leaf group for experts advice . They told me not to give up and continue taking care and watering the plants. I lost some of my plants but I noticed that the plants I had mulched ,survived and are thriving till today. 

Kirti adds, “Mulching is very important for our gardens”.  

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