How to use dry leaves? MULCH

How to use dry leaves? MULCH

Mulching is the process by which we mimic what happens in the natural landscape.
What happens in the natural landscape?
Let’s see..
Have you been to any forest area? Wooded area with no or minimal human interference?
How does the forest floor look?
If we do not sweep and collects leaves shed by the tree in the backyard? Yes, that is how the natural forest floor looks like.
Whatever falls on the floor remains there.. Shed leaves form a carpet, layer over the soil.
This layer remains as it is throughout the summer.

When rains arrive, leaves decompose. Some proportion of nutrients that the tree absorbs from the soil are present in these leaves. These nutrients, when leaves decompose, are returned to the soil.
Soil keeps receiving organic matter and retains its productivity.
This is nature’s way of recycling nutrients.

Output of one element serves as input to some other element in the system. It is cyclic process. There is no end to it and hence there is no concept of WASTE.

Layer of leaves protects soil from scorching summer heat. Since sun-rays do not reach the soil directly, soil retains moisture.

Various insects in the soil find shelter under these leaves.

How exactly we do the mulching?

Take a handful dry leaves.

Crush a bit with your hands.

Place those leaves in the plant bed/ pot, covering the soil completely.

That’s it, done!!

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