Is managing dry leaves a challenge for you?
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DO you wish to manage dry leaves?

Do you wish to prevent burning or dumping of dry leaves? Do you wish to manage dry leaves within your premises, but need help?

It can be your society, your office premises, your institute campus, we can design a comprehensive plan for you.

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DO you wish to donate dry leaves?

You wish to prevent burning of dry leaves but you cannot utilize them in your premises, with mulching and composting? 

You would like to donate dry leaves to someone who can utilize them for mulching and composting?

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DO you want dry leaves?

Are you a gardener or wish to start a garden and looking for dry leaves? 

Let me tell you, your task is quite easy. There are many around who would be happy to donate you the leaves. 

Here are a simple pointers for you.

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Do you wish to try mulching and composting?

Do you wish to give it a try? 

You can definitely do it. Start small, gain experience and confidence and then scale up. That’s all. 

Don’t worry. We have made it easy for you. Download our guide or watch our series of 15 videos to understand the process. 

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Do you need more guidance in mulchiing, composting?

Have you tried our free resources?

Do you need more support and guidance? 

Then we have a paid online course designed for people who need more hand-holding and community support. 

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Do you wish to share your story?

We are all ears 🙂

Did you benefit from our guide/ videos? Did you give it a try and successfully implemented mulching/composting?

We would love to hear from you. 

How about writing a Guest blog to share your story and inspire people? 

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