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Ever wondered why trees shed leaves? 

And suddenly, why it has become such a great challenge for us in the city?

Why burning of leaves is wrong and most importantly, how can we manage all these dry leaves? 

Answer is soil-to soil principle. This is what happens in nature. Everything comes from the soil and everything goes back to the soil.

Want to learn eco-friendly ways to manage dry leaves? 

Mulching and composting are the solutions. With these 2 methods, we can come quite close to what happens in nature. 

We have put together a guide for you. It will answer the above questions and will explain the solutions in detail. 

Download the guide here. If you have any query, remember we are just a click away :-). Feel free to write to us at

Fan of videos? You can check the same content in video format here.

We have put together a series of 15 videos that will answer all the questions and discuss solutions. 

Also check out our blogs that would help you further in the journey. We publish blog every week. You can subscribe to it by filling a simple form on top of the page, if you haven’t already. 


While at the subject, composting is not much of a fun unless followed by gardening. 

Come on, your read the guide, watched the video series, learnt composting and now you have nice compost with you. What next? 

What is the use of going through all that if you can not use the compost, right? 🙂

Here is a tip for you. 

Let some compost go back to the tree which leaves you have used for composting. yes, let the soil there get back the nutrients it has lost. 

How? Simply spread the ready compost on the surface around that tree or trees. 

That’s all.

With the rest of compost, you can try gardening. Oh, don;t worry, garden does not have to be very big. 1 or 2 plants in pots is also a garden. 

It is all about creating a beautiful green corner for yourself in this city with concrete jungle. 

Many gardening blogs are available. Feel free to refer to any. 

Here is one from Brown Leaf,

Try with material you already have rather than purchasing, at this stage. 

Here is an inspiring idea you can implement immediately. 

Currently due to rains, you often get onions with sprout.. Why not try this.. Compost made from dry leaves and...

Posted by Brown Leaf on Thursday, August 8, 2019