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How to Create Terrace Garden Without Soil, Garden Visit 1

Sejal Sheth, Shaniwar Peth, Pune Profession: Dentist Today, let’s visit, Shaniwar Peth, a densely populated neighborhood in Pune city. This area has history of more than 300 years. Many heritage structures and memories of old Pune can be found here. Eventually the old residential buildings, called “wada” made way to new apartment buildings. Roads built […]

How to create terrace garden without soil, Part 6

                                                                                                      Shamika Kulkarni, Pune Meet […]

How to create terrace garden without soil, part 4

Bharati Barhate, Pune Take a turn into the lane from noisy Karve Road, with its heavy Pune traffic, impatient honking and entirely different world awaits you. It is the garden around the building or it is the building amidst the garden; difficult to tell the difference. Meet Bharati Jawale-Barhate. She has done graduation in Botany, post-graduation […]

Is it laziness? Oh, no it is benign neglect!!

You have a tree in your backyard. It provides soothing shade in summer, hosts various birds. You see squirrels running about its branches. It shelters so many kinds of insects. It is immense pleasure to look at. This patch of green is your oasis in the amidst the concrete jungle. Come November, and this bliss […]

How to create terrace garden without soil, Part 5

Amod Rahalkar, Pune It is Sadashiv peth, part of old city of Pune. Peth means sector. It was created in mid-18th century during the reign of Madhavrao Peshwa. Since then, it has only seen growth. One of the highly populated areas of Pune, narrow roads, cramped houses define Sadashiv peth of today. Memories of old […]

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