Puzzled about the plant that has sprouted in your garden? A bug has appeared on the plant. Don't know who this new garden visitor is? Don't worry...Help is just one-click away..

Identify the plant

Puzzled by a plant that has sprouted in the garden? Dying to know the flower that has bloomed? Here is the image gallery of common vegetable plants to help you. 


Butterfly Identification

Spotted a caterpillar on the plant? No, don’t panic. Don’t even think about killing it.. please

Check butterfly image gallery, it might be a butterfly caterpillar. If it is, witness wonderful journey of caterpillar to pupa to eventually a beautiful butterfly. 

We call them, colourful bonus of the garden 🙂

a bug's life

Garden is always full of life. And that’s how it should be. Plants, birds, butterflies, insects…

Every creature, big and small, has a role to play. Let’s make friends with these small helpers. Let’s know them better.

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