Why exactly do leaves fall?

Come winter, and leaf fall starts. In a city, it is a major challenge. What to do with all those leaves? 

Today let’s discuss, why leaves fall, in the first place.

Why leaves shed by tree are not green?

Around November, leaf fall starts. There are piles of leaves everywhere.

 They used to be green on the tree. But then they turned yellow or brown and then they fell. Why so?

Why Dry Leaves is a huge challenge

Why exactly trees shed leaves? And why this natural process has become a huge challenge for us?


Why we should not burn dry leaves

Burning dry leaves is health as well as fire hazard.


Burning off dry leaves is entirely lose-lose situation. We lose our clean air and beneficial nutrients for our soils.

How to use dry leaves? MULCH

Mulching is the process by which we mimic what happens in the natural landscape.

How to use dry leaves? COMPOST

Everything comes from the soil and everything goes back to the soil. This is the “soil-to-soil” principle in nature.

Let’s implement it in our city, albeit in a convenient, modified form

How to use dry leaves? DONATE

How about donating dry leaves to those gardeners who can use them for mulching and composting?