Puzzled about the plant that has sprouted in your garden? A bug has appeared on the plant. Don't know who this new garden visitor is? RELAX!! Help is just one-click away..

Identify the plant

Puzzled by a plant that has sprouted in the garden? Dying to know the flower that has bloomed? Here is the image gallery of common vegetable plants to help you. 


Butterfly Identification

Spotted a caterpillar on the plant? No, don’t panic. Don’t even think about killing it.. please

Check butterfly image gallery, it might be a butterfly caterpillar. If it is, witness wonderful journey of caterpillar to pupa to eventually a beautiful butterfly. 

We call them, colourful bonus of the garden 🙂

a bug's life

Garden is always full of life. And that’s how it should be. Plants, birds, butterflies, insects…

Every creature, big and small, has a role to play. Let’s make friends with these small helpers. Let’s know them better.

insects in compost

Is something wrong? Am I not doing it right? What are these insects? Are they problematic? What about neighbors, what if these insects enter their house? 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We all have doubts. Here is the guide to answer all your queries.

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