Do you wish to stop burning of dry leaves in your apartment/ society/ community/ organisation? Do you need help to start a project? You don’t know how to go about it? Don’t Worry, we all have been there. 

Do you know what is the most challenging part of any project? GETTING STARTED!!   Yes 🙂

And that’s why we are here. Entire Brown Leaf community will help you to start your dream project. Just fill this simple form to let us know what you wish to do, what difficulties you face. 

You can easily manage dry leaves in your apartment/society/community/organisation.
Learn "MULCH" and "COMPOST"


It is the most nature-friendly way of utilizing dry leaves. Learn here how you can do mulching in your premises and why it is beneficial


Soil-to-soil is nature’s principle. Everything comes from the soil, and it goes back in the soil. And that’s why there is no WASTE in nature. How to start composting? What are the methods? What factors to consider?

Mulching and Composting are always recommended. In case, they are not feasible for you or even after implementing both, there are surplus leaves, then donation is the 3rd option.

How to go about it? Learn More here..


Create “Brown Leaf” in your city. Connect “people who have dry leaves” with “people who want dry leaves” in your city. Check the cities in which Brown Leaf is already working. 

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