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Do you have a large quantity of dry leaves? yes, we know, the challenge. We understand.

Do you know, all the cities around the world are struggling with waste management. 

Cities have been dumping their waste in the dump yards in the neighboring villages for a long time. Putting our waste in somebody’s yard, was anyway a bad practice. 

And now we have almost run out of space for new dump yards. 

Pretty soon, there will be time when “giving away” waste will not be an option. We will have to manage our own waste. 

But there is a good news. 

Dry leaves is not waste at all. It is a resource. Means, you don’t need to “get rid” of dry leaves.  You can use them in your premises. 

How about starting with leaf management now, because eventually anyway it would be made mandatory by the municipal corporation. 

And even better news is, it is not very difficult. Oh, yes, no kidding. Dry leaves management is not as challenging as you think. 

Mulching and composting are the eco-friendly ways of managing dry leaves. 

Here are 3 options, 

  1. Check our free resource, a guide and series of 15 videos. 

These resources will explain the concepts and the process. 

2.  In case you want more hand-holding and support, we also offer a paid online course. 

Check out details here, ABOUT PAID COURSE

3. Or you can avail our service where we assess your premises and provide a complete management plan for you, 

Here is how it works. 

One-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to a project. 

Within the premises, conditions differ. There are areas that people frequent while there are areas that people don’t. There are areas with lot of soil while there are area which are complete concertized. 

Each type of area needs different approach. 

For large campus, usually there is a housekeeping staff. We need to observe how they work, how they collect dry leaves and accordingly a plan needs to be devised. 

We carry out assessment, discussion sessions with members and staff and present a plan that would take into consideration all available resources, constraints and most importantly, people. 

Total remuneration is Rs. 2000/-

Site assessment: Rs. 500/-  Comprehensive plan submission: Rs. 1500/-

For Pune city, we will visit the site for assessment and discussion. 

For outside Pune, we will schedule a series of online sessions for site assessment, discussion. 

If you feel you need this help, do drop us a mail at pune.brownleaf@gmail.com