How you can go about it

Copy and replicate
Such dry leaf exchange forum can be setup in other cities as well. You can start it in your own city.

How? Here it is

On individual level
Leaf-donors are all around us. Do you know anybody in your society/ lane who does terrace gardening? Approach them. They will always have requirement for dry leaves.
In Brown Leaf group, many members found their neighbors when they joined the group, where one was burning dry leaves while other needed dry leaves. They were brought together through the group. Now they exchange dry leaves regularly and help each other.
Approach your neighbor who has terrace garden, offer them your leaves. I can guarantee they will be happy to take your leaves.

On larger level
In cities, various garden groups exist. These gardeners are the leaf-takers. Inquire about such garden groups in your city and share the message about leaf availability.
Going a step further, why not start a group yourself, where leaf-donors and leaf-takers can interact?
If you wish to start a group and need my help, I am happy to help. Simply fill in the form below.

Why only dry leaves?
Similarly, exchange system can setup for many other things, which are considered a waste, but are a resource.
Following is a list of some such resources.

Material Usage Source
Left-over vegetables, fruits, fruit peels They are a rich source of nitrogen for the compost.
Ripe bananas are a rich source of potassium, a vital nutrient for plant growth.
Neighborhood vegetable and fruit vendor, Fruit juice carts
Sugar cane residue It is rich in sugar which helps bacteria to grow. It can be used in compost and also can be added to the base of the planter. Sugarcane juice centres
Egg shells Egg shells are rich in calcium which a vital nutrient for plant growth. Egg burji carts
Empty egg carton Seed germinators

Home, friends and family
Leaky buckets, old baskets, thermacol cartons As planters
A close up of a flower garden
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Friends and neighbors.
Bamboo baskets from paan vendors
Nirmalya Nirmalya is flowers, fruits, leaves, grains that are offered to the God. They too are a rich source of nitrogen and a valuable addition to the compost Temples, Ganesh or Navratri pandals
Old, sprouted onions and used 5 ltre mineral water bottles When onions sprout, vegetable vendors throw them away. These onions can be planted and sprouts can be harvested and used in subji, salad etc.
A close up of a plant
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Photo Courtesy: Mr. Vivek Bapat
Vegetable vendors, neighbors
Used, 1 litre bottles These bottles are ideal to grow root vegetables like carrot and radish.
A plant in a garden
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Photo Courtesy:
Mrs. Shashikala Dagade
Restaurants, neighbors, friends

Concluding Words
Keeping our cities clean and healthy is a huge challenge, but not an impossible one. It is not possible for a single person though. We need to collaborate with each other, help each other and together find solutions.
One thing is certain, IT CAN BE DONE

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